Saturday, 14 May 2016

Easy Dot Painting Arts & Crafts Ideas - all products in stock at Fave Rave


An easy, low-cost alternative to button art

You will need:
For design work, you have the following options:
  • Graphite paper to transfer a design or words that you like (like the ballerina on the right)
  • Silhouettes to use as a template and dot around (like the white heart canvas above)
  • Stickers to use as a template to dot around
  • Free-hand (if you are good at drawing)

Heart Silhouette Instructions

We've shown two versions:  (1) plain white canvas with pink dots and (2) a black dot canvas with gold dots.
  1. We used the A4 white pre-primed canvas for both options.  For the black version we simply painted the canvas with Americana Black Ebony paint.
  2. Place the Heart Silhouette in the centre of the canvas.
  3. Using a Dotting tool, rubber on the end of a pencil or cotton buds/Q-tips (or a combination of them all), dot around and close to the silhouette.  One hand will need to keep the silhouette in place; the other hand will do the dotting.
  4. Gently remove the silhouette making sure you do not smudge the wet paint.  Wash the silhouette immediately.
  5. Whilst the dots are wet you can sprinkle them with Glamour Dust Dry Glitters - a fine dry glitter (Gold or Crystal).
  6. Spray Varnish with matte or gloss for added protection or durability (optional).

Four Seasons and Ballerina Canvas

  1. Find patterns (branch or ballerina) online by searching for FREE printables. Save the pattern and print it (on a standard printer with standard/copier paper) making sure the pattern is the appropriate size for the canvas.
  2. With the four seasons canvases we chose an assortment of colours and painted over the A4 white pre-primed canvas.  For the black ballerina version we simply painted the canvas with Americana Black Ebony paint.
  3. After the paint has dried, use graphite transfer paper to trace the pattern onto the canvas, or if you are comfortable with it, free-hand the design on lightly with a pencil.   White graphite paper works on a dark background; grey graphite paper is used on a light background.  To use place the graphite paper transfer side face-down on the canvas.  Next place your artwork on top making sure it is in the correct position on the canvas (top tip:  sometimes it is easier to place the artwork in position and slide the graphite paper underneath).
  4. Trace around the artwork using a dotting tool, pencil or pen (hold the papers in place while you trace - it maybe worthwhile checking the that artwork is transferring i.e. you have got the graphite paper the right way round before you finish all the tracing).
  5. For the ballerina will filled in her silhouette by using the dotting tool dipped in various pinks and whites.  For the four seasons assortment, we painted a black branch and then randomly dotted around the branches in assorted colours.
  6. Don't forget that graphite papers are re-usable - just keep using until you notice that the artwork is not transferring as well as you need.
  7. Whilst the dots are wet you can sprinkle them with Glamour Dust Fine Dry Glitter (Gold or Crystal).
  8. Spray varnish with matte or gloss for added protection or durability (optional).
Using Deco Art Image Transfer From Country Love